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Family photographer in The Hague

I’m family photographer in The Hague.

Like many expatriates, my friend Caroline has received her parents and nephews for a weekend. The ideal opportunity to capture these precious moments. I loved to see their reunion full of love and tenderness, grandparents’ eyes who sparkled with happiness, the cousins happy to see each other.

What a better thing than keep this kind of so beautiful family instants on some beautiful pictures. It’s a lot of fun you will immortalized on paper.

I like family photography cause it reveal love and complicity. So for a birthday, a special event or for any other family event think about it

I let you now discover a sample of this beautiful shooting.

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  1. Catherine Caillot 3 April 2019

    À great thank for this moment with you, your patience, your kindness and your attention to each us. You made us completely forget the camera, taking care of the rythm and moods of all.
    A result just « beautiful » and lots of good memories !

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