Amélie Ray Photography

The Hague, Netherlands


Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by photography, flipping through souvenir photo albums looking for past moments.
I never thought I would be doing lifestyle photography, but funny how life changes us and how people come along our way and change our way of thinking. When my firstborn joined our family, I started to take so many pictures of him. A few months later, my father died and I realized that I had no pictures to show to my son, no memory of their moments shared between them.
After that, I wanted to freeze that sleepless in my photos, so I could revisit them 
again as much as I would like. And it worked. I love to look at a beautiful images, silly snapshots and everything in between that I captured. I love going to the past through my own photographs. I am a day dreamer after all.

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